“In Australia, only about 1% of people have access to legal assistance,” Gale said. “So if you don`t qualify for legal aid — and you have to earn less than $400 a week and you don`t have assets — you`re literally at the mercy of the justice system.” “He [ARAG] wants to be able to provide an alternative for people to practice and access a [legal] system that has often been closed to the public,” the CEO said. The firm`s first offering was auto legal insurance at a time when the auto industry was booming. Germany`s renowned motorways were expanded in the 1930s. Thus also more affordable cars, which were promoted by the founding of the volkswagen car company (VW) by the government in 1937. Publisher and lawyer Heinrich Faßbender founded ARAG in 1935, when Germany was ruled by the Nazi dictatorship. This is included in your membership if you renew from 1 March 2021. Coverage is detailed in the Essential Business Legal Solutions Annex and provides professional legal and financial support. “I would like all companies to take out legal insurance,” said Natasha Gale (pictured above), CEO of ARAG Australia, in Sydney. “I think that`s something that`s wrong with the insurance landscape right now.” ARAG is one of the leading providers of legal protection with a wide range of legal protection and assistance products and services. Our Complete Motor Legal Solutions product offers all the standard coverages of Motoring Legal Solutions as well as two useful additional features. If your customer is involved in a car accident that is not their fault, we help them recover losses not covered by their car insurance from the person who caused the accident, such as damage to personal belongings, vehicle repair costs for third-party insured vehicles, and loss of income.

As a general rule, the customer can withhold his debt cancellation if he is able to recover these losses. In addition, we cover the costs of legal representation if the driver is charged with a traffic violation. We also cover the costs of appealing against parking fines or civil or criminal penalties imposed on the insured if he or she is the victim of license plate cloning. Personalized legal advice and access to a new set of legal documents for vehicular traffic that help solve everyday problems such as difficult parking fines are also included. Legal expenses insurance is a service that is sought after worldwide. Find out how it works in the U.S. and how it can help you solve common legal problems. If you choose legal expenses insurance, be sure to compare the features of the insurance to find the one that suits you.

Legal fees for most legal events are paid 100% in full. In Australia and around the world, the pursuit of justice by the justice system often requires deep pockets. Gale said dealing with this issue is a fundamental principle of his business in Germany and the reason for the expansion into Europe, the UK, the US and now Australia. Use this unique resource to show customers the benefits and value of ARAG legal expenses insurance. Gale said his Germany-based firm identified a gap in the Australian market and launched its first legal expenses insurance product here in early 2020. However, due to COVID-19, ARAG only began to actively engage in the market about 12 months ago. “However, if I have legal expenses insurance, I can make a claim, and it doesn`t cost me anything to make a claim, and we will handle the claim the same way you would handle a claim for stolen tools or an accident in your car,” she said. ARAG, the largest private insurance company in Europe, recently launched a new legal advice and protection insurance product in Australia. Business Essentials insurance is for sole proprietors, small businesses and SMEs and is sold through brokers, associations and syndicates.

“Australians tend to have an approach: `It`s going to be okay, or I`ll just see how it goes,`” Gale said. “Once rubber hits the road with a certain problem, companies disappear because they thought they had coverage or some kind of insurance — but they have a huge legal bill because it wasn`t covered,” she said. Legal fees and expenses are covered up to £100,000 per claim and Consumer Motoring Legal Solutions also includes 24/7 in-person legal advice, a tax advice helpline and access to our legal services website for free digital legal documents and our online legal guide. “The Australian legal expenses insurance market offers exciting growth opportunities and we look forward to the start-up on the fifth continent,” said Paul-Otto Faßbender, CEO and majority shareholder of ARAG Group in 2019, at the start of the Australian business. “So in Germany, it`s [legal expenses insurance] in car insurance, it`s in health insurance, it`s part of the benefits of members in associations and unions – all of whom have access to legal fees through their employer or association,” she said. In markets such as the United Kingdom, where ARAG`s legal expenses insurance product is more firmly established, growth has been strong this year.