b. Possession and sale of weapons to minors. A person who sells or gives to a minor a dirk, dagger, throwing star, butterfly knife, martial arts weapon, sword stick, spear, metal ankle or other knife other than a pocket knife, or a weapon or instrument as defined in section 9.24.010(A)(1) without the consent of the minor`s parents or guardians is guilty of an offence. d. For the purpose of target shooting on private property with air, spring or CO2 BB, pellet guns or slingshots that offer: F. Sale of weapons to minors. It is illegal for a person to sell or give a weapon, ammunition or toy gun to a minor under the age of eighteen (18) without the written consent of the minor`s parents or guardians who may be used to release dangerous and explosive substances. Slingshot® is legal on the street, so you can show it where you`re going. It is ready and equipped for use on all public roads. *This information is provided for general reference only.

This is not legal advice and should not be considered as such. Laws and regulations are subject to change. Always contact local authorities to determine the state`s vehicle classification and registration requirements. Q: Where can I find a safety course? A: Visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website to find a suitable course in your area. ARTICLE III – GENERAL PARKING RULESSec. 20-31. – General rules of use. g. To protect the property from damage caused by animals or birds, the owner of the property obtains a permit from the Arizona Game Department or the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the removal of such animals or birds is properly monitored by the Game Department or the Fish and Wildlife Service or any person designated by any of these agencies, to ensure the safety of the surrounding owners. (1962 Code, § 27-17) b. A law enforcement officer in the necessary performance of his or her duties. (a) No person may fire or unload an air pistol, BB pistol, pellet gun, dart gun, gasoline pistol, spring pistol or any other similar weapon or instrument within the limits of the city. (5) The discharge shall be made to non-residential property within a properly controlled area.

Properly Monitored Area means any non-residential area operated by a government agency, public or private school, or an adult who is a member of a recognized archery company, group or organization, or immediately supervised by a government agency, public or private school, or adult. (Code 2007, § 9.32.010; Ord. Nr. 08-43, § 1, 10-9-08; Ord. Nr. 08-54, § 1, 12-11-08) (7) Bring a rifle, shotgun, BB pistol, air pistol, spring gun, slingshot, bow or other weapon when the driving force is gunpowder, spring or air. (3) The discharge shall be carried out by an employee of the State in order to perform his or her official duties; or (4) Any person used solely for the necessary protection of property, dwellings or persons in a manner permitted by the laws of the State or under or within the limits of the rights guaranteed by the State Constitution or the United States. C. When convicting a person of having violated any part of this article, the magistrate of the city may order the confiscation of the weapon or instrument involved in the crime.

(Ordinance 01-2 § 1, 2001: Ordinance 88-7 (Part), 1988; amended in the 1987 codification; previous code § 9-1-54) Arizona has no law restricting gunpowder, no state laws in particular. a) In a park and recreation area, it is illegal for any person to carry F. weapons at public events. Any person who is not a peace officer on duty and who carries a weapon may request the operator of the facility or the sponsor of the event, when entering a public place or participating in a public event, to remove his weapon and place it in the custody of the operator of the facility or the sponsor of the event. § 19-7 – Unloading of weapons. (a) No person may fire or fire a firearm within the city limits, including but not limited to an air pistol, BB pistol, pellet gun, dart gun, gasoline weapon or any other similar weapon or instrument. This Article shall not apply to the use of such a weapon or instrument by: 11-6. – Exhibition or unloading of weapons other than firearms.

2. Unloading is carried out on private property with the consent of the owner from a location at least 125 feet from a property line, by a natural person or under the supervision of a person 18 years of age or older; or B. It is illegal within the city limits to unload air guns, “B-B” cannons, gasoline rifles or spring pistols or instruments, toys or weapons commonly referred to as “polka dot shooter”, “slingshot” or “beany”, or any other instrument, including but not limited to bow and arrow, manufactured for the purpose of launching or projecting missiles of any kind by any means. if such an instrument is designated by a name mentioned above or by another name. Q: Where can I find a dealer? A: Use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you. Q: Can I take the slingshot with me for a test drive? A: Request a test drive at a dealership near you. Q: Where can I buy a slingshot? A: Some Polaris dealers in North America sell Slingshot. Find a dealer near you. 3. The security measures recommended by the Chief of Police must be followed.

(4) Any person to whom the Chief of Police has granted a licence, permit or authority to use such a weapon or instrument for a valid and appropriate purpose and for use in a manner that is not harmful to any person, animal or property. 2. This target shot is supervised by an adult at all times. E. Reckless use of weapons prohibited. It is illegal, reckless or negligent for anyone to use a weapon. (c) Any firearm possessed by a minor in violation of this section shall be confiscated in the same manner as permitted by the Revised Arizona Statutes, Title 13, Chapter 39. (Ord. Nr. 1730, § 1, 7-28-92; Ord. Nr. 1834, § 2, 2-28-95; Ord.

Nr. 2155, § 1, 7-25-00) G. Any person found guilty of violating this article shall lose the weapon or instrument so fired or discharged in this manner to the city. §§ 26-57. – possession of firearms by minors; Exceptions. 1. The target area is thus and surrounded by materials that stop the projectiles. §§ 34-73. – Restrictions on unloading, concealment and handling. It`s illegal for anyone within the city limits to shoot or unload: Slingshot® is a 3-wheeled outdoor roadster that you can drive on public roads.

No roof. No doors. All the power and excitement. 2. Exceptions. The prohibitions set out in this Subsection shall not apply to the use of such a weapon or instrument by: a. A law enforcement officer or other official or employee duly authorized in the performance of an official function;b. Any person to whom a licence, permit or authorization is issued by the Chief of Police for the use of such a weapon or instrument for valid and appropriate purposes. It is a crime for any person to shoot negligently or intentionally with a firearm, BB weapon or slingshot in the city, except:.