There are, of course, restrictions on where a person can and cannot have a stun gun in public places. In 2006, possession of a stun gun at an Ohio school or school campus was declared illegal, and those who break the law face a fifth-degree crime punishable by up to 12 months in prison and a maximum sentence of $2,500. Nance said consumers can be fooled by incredibly high claims about the tension of the stun gun, which isn`t even an actual measure of the device`s ability to cause pain. You can legally wear pepper spray or mace in Ohio to defend yourself. Ohio has a really relaxed view of pepper spray. There are no restrictions on the sale of the spray in Ohio. The size and wording are also not limited. You can hide it or make it work outdoors like on a key fob. Ohio does not consider pepper spray to be a dangerous weapon.

Stun guns, tasers, and pepper sprays are legal to buy, wear, and use in Ohio as long as your intention is self-defense. The sale, possession and use of stun guns and tasers for self-defense is legal without major restrictions. Misuse of an anesthetic device when committing a crime or attack can result in criminal liability. We sell and ship to Ohio. Stun guns are self-defense weapons that use electric current to stop an attacker. The current is strong enough to stop the attacker and bring him to the ground. The current is usually not strong enough to kill or cause serious damage. “You can bring someone to the ground with a stun gun, but I wouldn`t count on it,” Nance said.

“Pepper spray, you will close your eyes from a distance.” Thorne said stricter safety rules are needed, including rules that prevent people with a history of violence from buying stun guns or TASERs. Both products are available online and can be purchased at Ohio retail stores without background checks or ownership restrictions. “Ohio law does not specifically govern the possession, purchase, or use of TASERs or stun guns,” said Jonathan Fulkerson, deputy chief counsel to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. Ohio`s definition of a lethal weapon requires that something can inflict death so that it is a lethal weapon. There is a dispute over whether stun guns are capable of causing death.â In Ohio, it is a first-degree offense to carry a stun gun hidden in public if there is an intention to use it as a lethal weapon. Penalties include a fine of up to $1,000, up to six months in jail, or both. Carrying a gun that stuns openly or hidden in a school safety zone or courthouse is a fifth-degree crime, and penalties include a fine of up to $2,500, between six and 12 months in prison, or both. In Ohio, there are no restrictions on the sale or possession of pepper spray, which causes severe burns and temporary blindness when directed to a person`s eyes. Pepper spray, which is typically sold in keychain-sized cans that require pressing a button to administer the spray, is legal to carry around Ohio, provided it`s for self-defense.

Pepper spray can be carried open or hidden and is not considered a dangerous weapon under Ohio law. “I`ve never (sold) stun guns because I`m not sure,” Borts said. *Disclaimer: The above laws reflect the best information we currently have and may or may not be complete. Under no circumstances should this be considered as the final say on the legal status of electric shocks, nor should this information replace a lawyer or be considered as any form of legal advice. Please check with your local authorities for the latest information on the legality of stunning equipment in your area. As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the end user to review their local and state laws to determine legality. RELATED: CCW Expansion is the latest attempt to expand Ohio`s gun lawsDeWine spokesman Dan Tierney said a person could be criminally charged or civilly prosecuted if a stun gun or TASER is used in a way that violates Ohio law. In Ohio, although they have relatively liberal laws regarding stun guns, the law classifies them as lethal weapons.

Although they are legal in the state, a citizen who wants to wear the device in public must first have a license to carry a hidden weapon.