In Cameroon, Zambia and Zimbabwe, the minimum driving age is 16, with 15-year-olds in Mauritius able to drive car wheels and motorcycles by the age of 17. 17-year-olds can also ride motorcycles in Morocco, but don`t drive trucks until they are 21. In Niger, you have to be 23 years old to drive. It helps to know which countries have different laws for the minimum driving age, especially if people want to travel abroad. The legal age to drive a car in Ireland is 17 and one year younger to drive work vehicles, tractors and motorcycles on the Emerald Isle. 16 is also the age if you want to drive a tractor in Luxembourg and the Netherlands. An exception is the United States, where many states prohibit drivers from driving below their minimum driving age, even if they have licenses or licenses issued by another state. The minimum age is the minimum age at which a person can obtain a driver`s license to legally drive a motor vehicle on public roads. This age is set by and for each jurisdiction and is most often set at 18, but learner drivers may be allowed to take the road under supervision at an earlier age.

Before reaching the minimum age for obtaining a driving licence, or at any time thereafter, a person wishing to obtain a licence is normally subject to a test of fitness to drive and knowledge of the rules of the road before a licence is issued, provided that he or she is over the minimum driving age. The countries with the lowest driving age (17 years and under) are the Bahamas, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom (mainland), the United States and Zimbabwe. In some jurisdictions in the United States and Canada, drivers may be under the age of 14 (under parental supervision). Young Female Drivers – Free courtesy of Unsplash Of course, education is a very important aspect of getting a driver`s license and being a safe driver. Knowing how to navigate the roads, adapt to the driving culture of the region and properly maintain your car by making repairs with high-quality performance products is crucial. Malaysian teenagers must be 17 to obtain a driver`s license, although a motorcycle license can be obtained at the age of 16. All learner drivers must complete a 6-hour theory course and professional driving lessons with an instructor, followed by a practical test. In this African country, the minimum driving age is 23 years, the highest of all registered countries. Another unique rule of conduct is that all visitors must report to the police station in any city where they stop during the night.

The driving age for most other African countries is 18. In South Africa, the National Road Traffic Act requires a driver to be 17 years of age to legally obtain a driver`s license for all motor vehicles weighing less than 3,500 kg. It is also the age at which a person can obtain a learner`s licence under the supervision of a motorist who has held a driver`s licence for more than one year. Minimum age may vary depending on the type of vehicle. This list refers to the minimum age for driving a light-duty motor vehicle (generally less than 3500 kg maximum permissible mass) or motorcycle, if applicable. Quad riders must be 14 years old in Poland and 15 years old in Spain. The driving age in the UK is 17, although there are some moves to change the age to 18. 20% of car accidents involve drivers aged 17 to 24, even though they account for only 5% of total kilometres driven. This world map shows some of the minimum driving ages in the world for learner drivers and other vehicles on our roads. Here`s a look at some of the countries where the minimum driving age is under 18. The following examples refer to the minimum operating age of a light-duty motor vehicle (generally less than 3,500 kg), motorcycle or other vehicle, if specified.

What you may be surprised to learn is that the legal driving age in various countries is not too far from our own legal driving age here in the United States. Countries like China, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, India, and Singapore, to name a few, all have a legal driving age of 18. In Australia (16-18 in some regions), Malaysia and Indonesia allow beginners to get their license at 17, while New Zealand and Canada allow you to get your driver`s license at 16. Ethiopia allows you to get your license at age 14. If you`re used to driving only in America, driving and driving in another country could be culture shock. Take, for example, driving on the left side of the road. While we expect this in the UK, left-hand drive is also common in Australia, New Zealand as well as India, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand, Kenya and Tanzania. If you drive in the European Economic Areas, you do not need to fill out any additional documents to drive.

Drivers can move freely with their driving license from different countries as long as they travel in these areas. Here we explore counselling around the world and find interesting places where age is younger – and sometimes older. There is also a world map showing some of the different minimum driving ages. Applications for provisional driving licences may be submitted from the age of 16. It was cancelled because the 2 wheels under 50cc are no longer produced. After reaching the age of 18, a person can obtain a licence from the regional traffic office in his district. In the Northern Mariana Islands, you can drive legally from the age of 15 years and six months. Elsewhere, you can drive under supervision at the age of 16 in Guam and New Zealand. The laws and traffic rules surrounding driving around the world are surprisingly interesting, especially if you`re planning to travel or move to another country and want to know exactly what to expect. In some cases, the experiences can be strikingly similar. Other times, car and driving laws can seem extremely foreign or alien to us, causing even the most foolproof route to collapse when we are surprised.

Let`s look at how ages and standards of conduct vary around the world to get a better idea of how our own laws differ from other countries. Countries with the lowest driving age (17 years or younger) include Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Bahamas. In some states in the United States and Canada, drivers can be up to 14 years old – under parental supervision. You can drive under parental supervision in Mexico at the age of 15, while in the United States there are different laws for different states, but generally you must be between 14 and 16 years old for a restricted driver`s license. Most countries recognize driver`s licenses issued by another jurisdiction. This may result in a young person obtaining a driving licence in a country with a low minimum driving age being allowed to drive in a jurisdiction that is generally of a higher driving age. Did you know, for example, that it is illegal for men to drive shirtless in Thailand? Would you have guessed that it would be illegal in Australia to take limbs out of the window (unless you reported another driver)? What about the fact that you can`t smoke and drive in Greece? There is no shortage of strange driving laws, and learning about these cultural norms can be fascinating! If you spend a lot of time in a foreign country, you may need to drive a car there.