When it comes to business incorporation services, BetterLegal can help you set up a limited liability company or corporation. Both services come with a one-time fee of $299, plus government filing fees. In addition to incorporation documentation, supplier incorporation packages also include obtaining an EIN, drafting a company agreement or articles of association, bank settlement, and other useful documents. If you asked a hundred people to describe lawyers to you, most of them would probably use the word “expensive” at least a few times. In fact, lawyers` hourly rates can greatly affect your monthly budget, but there`s still no guarantee that you`ll get the desired result. So, is there an alternative? Fortunately, yes, in the form of online legal services. In addition to the lawyers` directory and free questions and answers, Avvo also offers tons of free legal advice articles, resources, and guides. For those of you who want to answer legal questions online, but don`t want to spend money on legal advice, Avvo is the best option. LegalZoom is the grand old lady of the online legal services world, building on its reputation as an established leader in attracting clients rather than taking advantage of superior product offerings. Nothing is more frustrating than paying a lawyer`s time only to find out they can`t help you. If you are facing a legal problem and just need advice, try Avvo, an online directory of lawyers that is also the best place for free legal advice on the internet. According to Avvo, someone gets advice on the platform`s Q&A board every five seconds, usually within 12 hours or less.

Rocket Lawyer LLC`s incorporation fee is a one-time payment of $99 that does not include essentials such as EIN or the services of a registered agent. While this is a larger commitment, a much more sensible option would be to sign up for membership at $39.99 per month, including a free trial. This simultaneously opens up the entire document library, limited online legal advice services and business formation services. If you need more than one thing, that`s a lot. Small business owners can also cover LegalShield with three membership levels ranging from $49 to $169 per month. All plans include consultations and a 25% discount on hourly rates, but vary depending on how many documents you want to review and how much correspondence you want your lawyer to send on your behalf. The entire process of finding a lawyer through LegalMatch is completely free. Those seeking legal advice are not required to hire one of the lawyers they have been matched with through the platform. At the end of our reviews, we look at the price and present you with what we think is the best value for money. Most of these services work through subscription plans, but you can also stumble upon various additional fees, costs, and upsell options. Limited online lawyer services are usually included in the plans, but they could also take you further back under the radar.

Our goal is to give you a clear picture of what you get for your money. FindLegalForms.com offers many resources and legal forms that will save your business time and money. Business owners can find suitable legal forms to form LLCs, new partnerships, name changes, equipment leasing and leasing, communications, etc. In addition, users can get their money back within 60 days if they are not satisfied with the legal forms. You can either get legal forms from a law firm, tax advisor or consultant, or download and print legal contracts or legal forms online. The cost of an online legal service can vary greatly depending on the type of case you need help with. For example, if you want a lawyer to handle your divorce, you may not have to spend a lot of money upfront. If your budget is your main concern and you don`t anticipate needing legal services in the next 12 months, LegalNature is a great option. They have a wide range of legal documents that you can customize in their online system for as little as $7 per month (if paid over a year). LegalNature is completely simple and honest. You won`t find much variety of services, but you also won`t have to worry about hidden fees or suspicious activity.

With an A+ rating on BBB and a large number of positive reviews on the internet, LegalNature is clearly earning its place among the top ten online legal services.