In many places, the decisive factor for the building permit is the so-called gross volume, i.e. the total size or volume of the treehouse. If the treehouse on your property is to be used as a “living space,” you should consider approaching the community or local building department – ideally before you start construction. You may be planning an elaborate treehouse, but what you may not expect is that a neighbor hates you for it for some reason and tells you about it. When this happens, all the effort and money you put into building the structure will be in vain. Building a treehouse is legal, and in most cases you don`t need a building permit. However, if your treehouse has utilities and is meant to live, you will need the same permits as any other home. In general, you need to follow a few rules: keep it below 13 feet, 10 feet from the dividing line, and below 120 square feet. In addition to the question of legality, there are also common sense issues to consider. Is the treehouse a place where it can be used and enjoyed by your children? Is there enough space for the treehouse and the tree in which it is built? Is there a dangerous fall under the tree? Is there enough space for a door and a few windows? A treehouse is a great structure to add to your property, especially if you have children. Precious memories are created when there is a treehouse in your garden. However, before you build one in your yard, be sure to do your homework regarding treehouse laws.

Again, you may not need a permit if it`s in your yard and it`s just a small treehouse. However, keep in mind that it`s best to keep it away from annoying neighbors you might want to report. Treehouse laws may be different in different parts of Florida. However, there may not be laws to build treehouses in rural areas. There may be laws in urban areas that require you to meet certain standards. You may want to search for local codes or check with your community. The answer depends on the type of treehouse you have built. If it is in perfect condition and adds beauty to your property, it can increase its resale value. Alternatively, if your treehouse is a dilapidated structure, it`s best to have it demolished, as this will negatively impact the resale value of your property. In our experience, the most important thing (in such a legal gray area) is that you inform all neighbors about your construction project and the consequences. Once your neighbors are affected in any way: A treehouse is usually considered a detached annex.

That is, a shed or a gambling house. As long as your treehouse has no utilities or is meant to live, you usually don`t need a building permit. Often you have limited options where you can set up a treehouse. Maybe you just have a suitable tree with branches strong enough to support your project. If this tree is not in an area to enjoy, you may need to be a little more creative. Perhaps you can adapt the design to another tree, or you can add one or more additional support posts to give your treehouse more stability. Even 120 square feet of floor space is probably more than you need for most tree houses. However, height restrictions can be difficult as it is raised in trees. In most cases, this would be measured from the base of the tree and you should keep the roof of your treehouse below 13 feet to avoid problems. If you want to build a treehouse in your garden in a residential area, the development plan is important: it contains the legally binding regulations of the respective municipality, for example, roof shape, roof slope, roof cover, height of the railing, building materials, building boundaries, color design, allowed height, distance to neighboring property, . Whether a treehouse is classified as “unlicensed” or “subject to approval” depends on its size, use and exact location. I suggest you build the treehouse relatively low on the ground so that the children cannot fall from it.

If a toddler falls more than three feet, they should go to the emergency room. The same goes for older children if they fall more than five feet. Adults can usually endure a fall of 10 feet without the need for medical attention. It`s also important that your ladder is securely attached to climb the treehouse or, better yet, part of your design. A simple rope ladder is fun and inexpensive to make, but also less robust. Again, don`t panic, in our experience, you will always find a treehouse fan in the community. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to convince the authorities. You must provide the following information: If you want to build a large treehouse that is meant for life, most sites will require planning permission. The same applies to the installation of public services such as electricity and sanitation.