Under “Your Legal Mobile Phone”, check which brands and models of mobile devices are properly registered in Ecuador and whether your mobile phone is reported stolen, stolen or lost by Advanced Mobile Service operators. Consulting with the IMEI of a mobile phone is the first step to find out if the phone you are going to buy is legal or not. Accordingly, the brand, trade name and technical model of the mobile phone should appear. The blocking or unblocking of IMEI is carried out only by mobile phone companies, as indicated in ENACOM Resolution No. 2459/16. Apart from that, it shows whether the device is approved or not, and whether it is reported as stolen or stolen or not. I leave here the example of a positive result (approved and not reported). – When the owner of a team reports it to *910 or his lending company for theft, theft or loss. – If the IMEI is not valid, i.e. if it has not been approved internationally by the GSMA. If not approved, there is no guarantee that the mobile phone will connect and function properly on the country`s mobile networks.

– When a shipping or logistics center is stolen by marketing companies or manufacturers and they file the complaint. Flagged and irregular devices are blocked in order to solve the problem of mobile phone theft and related crimes and make it impossible to transport them through national and international networks. If the physical code and logic code are identical, it means that the phone is NOT tampered with. You can also check this on Arcotel`s website, which we will explain below. I leave you a step-by-step video to check if a phone is reported stolen via the IMEI. – If the mobile phone stops working because its IMEI has been reported, but you can prove that your computer is the original. Other procedures: How to register a trademark in Senadi If you want to buy a new phone, ask the seller to check the IMEI to find out if it can be used or not. If it is listed as stolen or lost, you will not be able to use it when you insert the chip.

If valid, request that the invoice include the verified IMEI number before purchasing. The blocking or activation of the IMEI is carried out exclusively by the lending companies. – If you lost your computer and, after reporting it to *910, you found it. The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a 15-digit code registered by the manufacturer to identify any mobile device worldwide. This is a brand and model identification code granted to manufacturers by the GSMA (Global System Mobile Association). If you have already called *910 or contacted your mobile service provider and it has not been possible to block your IMEI, or if you have already made the appropriate claims with your mobile operator to unlock your device, fill out the form so we can advise you on how to proceed. The IMEI, which translates into English as International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15-digit code that identifies each mobile phone. Similar to the citizenship card. Ecuador`s Telecommunications Regulatory and Control Authority (Arcotel) has activated a web portal to check a terminal`s IMEI, ensuring that it is not reported as stolen, stolen or lost by the operators of the advanced mobile service (Movistar, Claro and CNT). You can check if a mobile phone is reported stolen in ARCOTEL via the phone`s IMEI: the lock is applied to the last mobile device associated with the reported mobile line. The mobile phone may NOT be used, acquired or marketed, as it is an offence within the meaning of Article 117 of the Organic Law of Telecommunications. Moreover, it cannot be used in Ecuador because its use is blocked in the country.

Select *#06# from your mobile phone. You can also find it under the battery, printed on the computer or in the original packaging of the device. Make sure they match. – If it is determined that the IMEI has been tampered with, such as a duplicated or multiplied IMEI, or if an invalid number is re-registered. In the ONLINE ADMISSION PROCEDURE, you can submit applications for certification of mobile phones and other telecommunications equipment, free of charge. Whether you buy it in Ecuador or abroad, you need to check the IMEI to make sure the phone has NOT been reprogrammed or tampered with.