Students can borrow items in circulation for 90 days, and items can be renewed once. Reserve items can be borrowed for up to four hours. In order to keep the materials as available as possible to all library users, books must be returned on time. For books returned after the due date, fines will be imposed as follows: Any book marked as lost will be charged with the replacement cost plus a non-refundable processing fee of $75. Interlibrary loan books that are marked as lost can also be recovered by the borrowing library. Our new Student Toolkit is a one-stop shop for many library resources and information you need for a successful first year. We include information on study aids, academic success, summer internships and information about Lexis, Westlaw and CALI – this includes many online tutorials on the content of first-year courses. The library does not keep historical records of loans. We encourage student activities and interdepartmental collaboration, and provide a safe space for non-lawyers and members of the bar to discover, access, and use our library`s collections and services. The library has designated areas to meet patrons` needs for silent learning, group collaboration, and campus events. Another helpful guide that highlights for new students the information you need to get the most out of the library and its resources. If you are a member of a journal, please submit all requests through the journal`s designated contact person by the library. More information can be found in the library`s lending and lending guidelines.

You will receive an email notification when your items are ready for pickup. The collection of the book takes place near the front door of the library. The books are arranged alphabetically by the borrower`s last name. Our law library is a community hub that connects people with information, ideas and resources. We achieve this mission by creating a path to research, learning and inspiration by educating students, faculty and staff. We offer complete, up-to-date and relevant collections. We align our services and resources with the changing needs of legal education, science and technology, while engaging our community with innovative library and technology services. To facilitate the lawful use of federal deposit materials in the Faculty of Law Library, any unaccompanied child under the age of 16 who identifies the need to access federal deposit materials for research purposes will receive referral assistance from library staff to identify and make these materials available.

The Law Library maintains examination records for the benefit of the law school community. The examinations in these archives are digitized versions of printed examinations collected according to the faculty manual and reserved for the library. The inclusion of an exam in the digital archive is at the discretion of the professor. Please contact your instructor to inquire about the availability of previous exams that have not been published. An alphabetical list of databases to which the library provides access, which can be filtered by topic. Non-university providers must pay through the phone payment app or meters, or they can purchase a physical or virtual permit through University vendors receive a physical permit to park on campus. Vendor parking on campus is open to all academic and non-academic vendors to facilitate access to the buildings, but does not exempt non-academic vendors from payment.

Legal Source A full-text database with nearly 900 legal journals as well as indexing of law journals, directories, Bar Association publications and legal journals. For search results that do not contain full text, use the UConn right links to see if the material is available elsewhere in the library`s collection. UConn Law School and the UConn Law Library are not responsible for the security of materials brought into the library. Unclaimed media are subject to the following guidelines: In order to meet the needs of our patrons, we ask all library staff and patrons to create an appropriate atmosphere. In keeping with its objectives, the Library prohibits the following behaviours and behaviours, as well as unlisted behaviours and activities prohibited by law or university policies. Never leave your belongings unattended. The Law Library accepts no responsibility for personal property lost or stolen on the premises of the Library. The library recognizes that students and faculty spend long hours in the library and need food during their studies. Therefore, the library allows food and drink in the building as follows: study rooms are available for law students, lecturers, and staff. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for educational purposes.

To request an exception, please email Further information can be found in the study room policy, where you can also make a reservation. We are happy to recall another client`s material if a member of the University of Connecticut School of Law requests it, and these individuals may also request an interlibrary loan copy if our copy has been borrowed. The Homer Babbidge Library is the intellectual, learning, cultural, and social center of UConn`s main campus in Storrs. Named after UConn Homer president Daniels Babbidge (1962-1972), the library offers spaces ranging from quiet study to interactive collaborative work. The facility houses a 3D printing studio, a Bookworms Café, additional classrooms, scanning and scanning services, printing stations, a writing center, a quantitative tutoring center, technical support and a wide range of collection materials for research and teaching. $2.00/hour (hour is rounded) Reserve books that are 12 hours late will be marked as lost (see below). Book trucks are located in each elevator lobby. Please place the materials to be stored on these book carts.

Documents left on tiles, tables or study rooms are regularly collected by library staff. If you want to leave material at a table/square during the day, just leave a note that you want to return. All material that remains on the library tables/tiles/study rooms at the end of the day will be carried over. Use interlibrary loan if you need materials that the library does not have. Please enter and exit the library through the main entrance of the quad. Please visit our website to learn more about all the services the library has to offer, including study rooms, tiles, printing and of course our research materials.