Data from the Russian Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL) are included in the collections listed above. However, because enrichment data only makes sense in conjunction with the entities to which it relates, we do not offer it separately for bulk download. 8,423 enterprises (1,926 legal entities and 6,497 sole proprietors) were registered in the Republic of Belarus for two months of 2020: The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation is an authorized federal executive body that carries out state registration of legal persons, natural persons as sole proprietorships and peasant (agricultural) enterprises, an authorized federal executive body that accredits branches, Representative offices of foreign legal entities (except representative offices of foreign credit institutions) The CTR is the basic source of government information that provides unified registration and identification of legal entities, sole proprietors, and government entities. In addition, access to the registers of foreign states of more than 200 countries around the world is open, including most European countries. The USR web portal is not only a system for preparing and sending documents directly for the approval of the name of the organization, refraining from registering business entities, providing notifications about changes in location and appointment (replacement) of the head of a legal entity and obtaining an extract of the CTR. It is also a resource that contains all the information applicants need to start and operate a business (selection of relevant legislation, service for preparing documents for subsequent submission to the register, information on restrictions on entry into a business, consideration of options for names of legal persons, Review of the status of operational units, questions and answers on the implementation of legislation, etc.). The AIS “interaction” in both the registration and liquidation of business units ensures the implementation of the “one-stop-shop” principle. This means that we have only included entities where there is a link (e.g. to a sanction target or politician) and we do not fully replicate the database. To get started, you need to complete the registration process and provide contact details and details (for legal entities). Registration is free. To access the system, you must pay the required number of requests according to the rates (see price to “The USRLE (Uniform Register of Legal Persons) (also EGRUL) is a federal source of information.

Registration of the USRLE is carried out by the registration authorities in accordance with the procedure established by the Government of the Russian Federation. The tax database of legal entities is probably the most detailed part of the commercial register (other fragments are managed by the Statistical Authority and others). Registration data must be purchased from the tax authorities, but a full version of it has been published online by a Russian IT entrepreneur. Since 2001, by decision of the Head of State, the Ministry of Justice has been responsible for ensuring and coordinating the registration and liquidation (cessation of activities) of economic entities (legal persons and sole proprietorships), as well as maintaining the unified national register of legal persons and sole proprietorships (hereinafter – CTR). Here you can obtain information about any legal entity registered on the territory of the Russian Federation in the form of an extract of information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. As of March 4, 2020, the CTR database contains information on 357810 legal entities, including 156,711 operational and 1,104,536 sole proprietors, including 263,040 professionals. This information is provided from the unified national register of legal persons in the form of an electronic document. Alternatively, you can use it in a two-part identifier, with RU-OGRN as the “schema” and the identifier you found as the “Identifier” field. To this end, in January 2002, the Department of the Unified National Register of Legal Entities and Sole Proprietorships (hereinafter referred to as the CTR Department) was established with the structure of the Ministry. In the recent history of Belarusian legislation, the sphere of establishment and liquidation of a company can be considered one of the most advanced areas of state regulation. Information statements are provided as an electronic document in Word or PDF format (at the user`s choice), which can be downloaded from the user`s personal page.

Currently, all applications, notifications, requests from citizens and organizations relating to registration and liquidation can be submitted electronically via the USR web portal. The code in this list is RU-OGRN. Once you have found the organization you want to identify in this list, you must either: In 2011, the Department of Justice launched and modernized the USR ( web portal, whose main task is to ensure the electronic registration and liquidation of companies. At the same time, the improvement of the field of creation and liquidation of a company is inconceivable without the use of modern information technologies. For this purpose, the USR department maintains the following information systems: thus, during registration, a business unit is automatically placed on all types of accounting, information on the opening of a current bank account (settlement) is sent to the bank, during liquidation, certificates are provided by government agencies (organizations) on the absence (presence) of an unpaid debt of the business unit. You can suggest a change to our information on this list by posting an issue or submitting a pull request. The USR has approximately 3,000 external users. Access to the CTR is granted to all courts, law enforcement officials, units of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and other governmental bodies and organizations. Use the main state registration number (OGRN / ОГРН), taxes, customs authorities, institutions of the Social Welfare Fund of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, state statistics, the unified insurance company of the Belarusian Republic “Belgosstrakh”, archives, banks participate in this interaction. This snapshot is dated 2022-01-01 to find a compromise between using new data and avoiding information loss due to data deletions during the war. The USR web portal is presented annually by the Ministry of Justice at the TIBO International Computer Technology Exhibition. Enter it in an identifier database field prefixed by RU-OGRN.

This fact is confirmed by a series of reforms carried out by the Ministry of Justice: the main task of the USR department is to provide a convenient, fast and inexpensive procedure for setting up a business. The Department of the Unified National Register of Legal Persons and Sole Proprietors The creation of favourable conditions for doing business, including its registration, is one of the priority orientations of the State`s activity. Sample excerpt: The Ministry of Justice ensures the completeness and reliability of the information contained in the BTI, its openness and accessibility to the public, and the development of methods and instructions for maintaining the BTI.