I recommend my lawyer clients to share exhibits with the box.com platform. If you`re trying to share exhibits in Zoom with Dropbox or Google Drive, multiple clicks must be made for other attendees to download the exhibit or share it on the screen. If you are sharing documents to box.com, simply click on the link and the exhibition will open immediately! I have found that it is preferable for lawyers (not the court reporter) to take care of marking exhibits during the proceedings. If the lawyer shares the evidence via chat, let them know in advance how they can share the documents. Example: Appendix 1 – (exposure link). They know what exposures they are looking for because of the filename associated with the exhibition – much easier and faster with this methodology. How does the court reporter obtain a copy of the exhibits when lawyers use the above requests? Simply ask the lawyer to send the exhibits by email or via a secure link. If you make a statement with physical documents in hand, the remote customer can ask the witness to share the document by holding it with a firm hand and placing it in front of the videographer`s webcam and/or camera. My method of choice for marking exhibits during withdrawals when all parts appear in different places Challenges with exhibitions in remote deposits: According to eDepoze`s FAQ: “Anyone else can register as a guest for free on their laptop or iPad, and they will receive unstamped courtesy copies of each exhibition, like now. One of the easiest methods that most of my clients have used so far is to send me the physical documents or send me a secure link where I can access them to print them out so that the witness can testify. Some lawyers ask me not to share the evidence with the witness or counsel for the opposing party because they want to preserve their legal and tactical strategies. I have adopted this policy for all my remote declarations at this point. While physical exhibit management is a methodology for a web conference, there are several paid apps on the market that can handle exhibition tagging and sharing, all online and in the cloud. A few come to mind: LiveLitigation, Agile, eDepoze and TrialPad from Lit Software.

Agile, eDepoze and TrialPad are aligned and marketed to lawyers for document introduction, parts management and case collaboration. It`s good to familiarize yourself with these products, as a potential new customer might want to use them during one of your scheduled deposits. All of these platforms offer robust solutions for remote filings, many useful video tutorials, and desktop and mobile applications. Some of them offer a free trial and live demonstrations on demand. Make sure you have selected the option in your Zoom account settings to automatically record the chat. This makes it easier to chat while producing transcripts and checking room numbering. Then, place your exposure stamp with the tool of your choice! Watch this video that shows how easy it is to stamp multiple exhibits at the touch of a button. Next, let`s talk about untagged PDF exhibits that can be shared in Zoom or any other web conferencing app. Experienced lawyers are excellent at taking notes when it comes to exhibitions, especially in a scenario where participation is remote. Their descriptions of exhibits allow the court reporter to easily return to the transcript during processing to find each document for display label. I use my Dymo and I like it for personal statements and when I`m with the witness. Whew! That`s a lot of information about some of the ways to deal with exhibits when deposits are withdrawn.

I would like to know more about where you ended up marking the exhibitions. Remember that we all distance ourselves socially so that things improve faster, and it is important that we share our knowledge. Let`s talk about the handling of exhibits in this particular article. Forward planning is always necessary when exhibitions are presented remotely. Sharing a link in the Zoom chat box is a preferred method to sending the exhibit through the platform`s File option. Some of the reasons to share links instead of uploading the actual document or screen sharing are: For journalists who only have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and want an unpaid option to label the parts, you can still stamp the documents, but it will take a little more effort. Open the document first, then fill in and sign, select Add Text and enter all the information you want about the issue stamp. Next, take the circle icon and drag it to the desired height and width, and then drag it over the text. When you`re done, click Save. Therefore, I will ask the lawyer to send me in advance all possible documents that can be shown to the witness during the testimony. Then I create a specific shared folder for the exhibitions and send an invitation to the client. In this way, he or she can access it spontaneously during the procedure.

Be sure to add the client as a collaborator and enable the share link for all exposures when you create your shared folder. The lawyer must create a free account on box.com if his law firm does not use this cloud service. According to the Agile FAQ: “All repository participants will receive an email with a link to download PDFs of each exhibition at the end of the repository. The download is secured by a PIN code that is only displayed to participants in the approved repository. When stamping your PDF documents or when a witness comments on a document during their testimony, you must ensure that the file is “flattened” for the final transcript. There is no need to smooth the document when filing, since all documents marked during the procedure are working copies. Flattening the document reduces the file size and merges all layers in the image. Essentially, it combines all the layers into a single background layer, so the file can no longer be commented on or edited. Please use the tool of your choice to check the smoothing options. Some of the tools have a flattening built into the program.

When we`re in a completely remote position where all the parties are in different places and we`re just working with PDFs, court reporters really don`t want to take the time to paste the exhibits and then have to scan them. Why double the effort? Adobe Acrobat has a solution to this puzzle! Electronic stickers. With one click, you can add a digital exposure sticker directly to PDFs. With the paid version of E-Stickers “All-In-One”, each sticker is customizable with a choice of ten colors, a personalized title, a prefix and the ability to define a bib number or letter. If you do not wish to purchase the custom program, a free version is also offered. The free version offers a white digital electronic sticker with manual input function and is fully functional. Remote declarations with all parties appearing in different locations […] Exhibit processing for remote deposits […] In addition, our Technology Committee has written several articles on the reasons to use web conferencing, best practices, gadgets for the smooth running of the conference, and the pros and cons of the platforms of their choice. Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open. Another paid option for stamping PDF documents is a solution called Final Parts. More than ten years ago, I worked on remote depots. I started with Skype and grew up in most of Zoom`s remote statements.

As I mentioned earlier, Zoom has a great advantage because I can pay as I need the service.