Standards for selling used mattresses are regulated at both state and local levels, so you should check your area for legal restrictions. Mattresses must be thoroughly disinfected before they can be sold in multiple states. Most laws require that used mattresses be clearly marked as “used”. Others prohibit the sale of used mattresses but allow the sale of mattress materials. Some, on the other hand, have few, if any, limitations. Specifically, a yellow label means that the entire mattress is intact and has been disinfected. Therefore, everything from the foam to the covers and coils comes from the mattress originally used. This type of mattress is not made from recycled materials. If you would like to receive periodic email alerts specifically tailored to Calrecycle`s monitoring of the mattress management program, subscribe to CalRecycle`s mattress product management mailing list.

Previous messages on mailing lists can be found in the mattress mailing list archive. The law regarding new and used mattresses varies depending on the state in which you sell the mattress. You should therefore consult the law regarding used mattresses in your specific state from the table in the following sections. The state allows several methods of treatment, including the use of chemical sprays, steam cleaning, and commercial laundry. Steam cleaning requires at least 20 minutes of cleaning. Dry heat is also an option during cleaning, the condition requiring the use of special dry heat chambers capable of reaching a minimum temperature of 230 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 1 hour and 15 minutes. Commercial suppliers must keep accurate records of used mattress cleaning and make them available for government inspection. Treatment is required for all used mattresses for sale, rent or rent.

Laws, regulations, and considerations to keep in mind if you want to sell a used mattress on Craigslist or any other platform: Regular disinfection is the recommended method, but remember that disinfection is done after cleaning the mattress. If you use this method, you must use approved disinfectants and always follow the instructions on the label. The mattress recycling organization, recyclers, renovators and waste disposal facilities must provide annual reports to CalRecycle. As mentioned above, not all states have restrictions on the sale of used mattresses. But one state that does this is Texas. In Texas, mattresses must be cleaned or disinfected for resale in accordance with Texas Administrative Code Rule 205.8. The government allows a variety of treatment methods, including chemical spraying, fumes, and industrial laundry. Some federal regulations, such as the federal flammability standards enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, are the same for new and used mattresses. People often sell used mattresses through community websites and social networks. Some sites are free, others may charge you a small fee. These websites allow you to advertise and sell directly to other people.

You can advertise your used mattress in newspapers or online advertisements. Make sure these websites are legitimate, don`t leave any personal information on suspicious websites. The labeling of used mattresses is regulated by federal laws. This rule only applies to businesses and retailers and not to people who sell mattresses. You need to choose your sales tactics carefully. Selling a used mattress to a brick and mortar store can be a reasonable and legal choice, but individuals rarely choose a physical retailer who prefers to buy well-maintained mattresses on the other hand. The price of the mattress they offer is usually too low because they want to maintain their profit margin. Some states require you to add proper labeling to the mattresses you use. This allows buyers to easily distinguish between a user and a new mattress. If you`ve decided to replace your old mattress, you`re probably wondering how to proceed. Some people prefer to sell their used mattresses to cover the cost of buying a new model.

A mattress is one of the most sophisticated household products for sale second-hand. If you are curious about how to sell an old mattress, this article will guide you step by step through the process and inform you about the resale policy (see also our article on scalping tickets) (see also our article on scalping tickets). Please note that if your mattress is more than 5 or 6 years old, it is simply not worth selling at all, as the typical lifespan of a mattress is about 7 years. If you`ve determined that it`s legal (and worth it) to sell your used mattress, it`s time to set a good price for it.