Access to legal aid is closer than you think. Nevada Legal Services is available in various parts of the state of Nevada and legal assistance is provided by some of the state`s top legal experts who want to make a difference in the lives of people in their community. Our free national legal aid is supported by donations. Help us ensure equal access to justice and continue to help those who need it most. Las Vegas legal aid and free legal aid are available from a variety of sources and organizations. Free Legal Aid provides the following information and links to help you get started with free legal aid in Las Vegas. The Nevada State Bar Association supports the promotion of access to justice in Nevada by providing legal services to those in need. If you need legal help but can`t afford a lawyer, a Nevada legal aid provider or pro bono legal services may be available to you. For more information, consult this Legal Resources Directory brochure or contact one of the legal service providers listed below. Some local organizations offer free legal help or perhaps even free representation by a lawyer in certain circumstances. Most of these organizations only provide assistance for specific types of disputes. Many have requirements and restrictions regarding the client`s income, citizenship, age, etc.

To learn more about an organization`s needs and how to request services, visit that organization`s website or call them directly. “Custody affair and made it very easy and as stress-free as possible! Jason takes care of everything » more Nevada Legal Services has a responsibility to promote legal assistance in seeking justice for those who need it most. This program allows you to have up to 20 minutes of consultation with one of these lawyers for free. Nevada Legal Services (Las Vegas office) Location: 530 S. 6th St Las Vegas, NV 89101 Website: Telephone: (702) 386-0404 Toll Free: 1 (866) 432-0404 Fax: (702) 388-1641 Contact methods: drop-in, email, fax, phone calls Appointments accepted: Yes “We called various lawyers for advice or advice on the actions we needed to take” more Law clerks and paralegals cannot not provide legal advice to consumers of legal services Donate. Legal advice can only be obtained if it is provided by a lawyer. “Christian gave me free legal advice from an employer. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. » more You must meet certain conditions to receive free legal assistance. Find out if you qualify by filling out our easy-to-understand intake form.

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (“LRIS”) is a free public service of the Nevada State Bar. You can call LRIS to get a referral to a lawyer who practices law in the field you are looking for. The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada`s pro bono project has pro bono attorneys available for unrepresented tenants and landlords seeking legal advice on their rights. The program allows you to have a 15-minute consultation with one of these lawyers. 299 S. Arlington Ave. 89501, Reno, Nevada Phone: 775.329.2727 Website: “Legal Assistance. I was scared and very concerned about this problem. I decided to look through yelp to watch » more West Charleston Library has a regular legal series; However, it could be aimed at seniors. It`s free and might be worth checking out. Paralegals.

The Southern Nevada Legal Aid Center offers free Ask-A-Lawyer phone consultations where you can ask an experienced attorney any questions you may have in the areas of family law, tenant rights, small claims, estate, debt collection, and child support. Lawyers are available on the 2nd Tuesday of the month for free 15-minute telephone consultations. You can make an appointment by calling 702-455-1505. A lawyer will call you back between 14:00 and 17:00 on the chosen date. The use of the LRIS service is free of charge. You can call LRIS at 702-382-0504 or toll free in Nevada at 1-800-789-LRIS (5747). Further information is available on the website of the Lawyers` Information and Placement Service. In addition to these events, we also offer free legal training that can answer your questions about paternity/custody, divorce, small claims, process and process preparation, bankruptcy, and more.

For more information, see “And take responsibility for what happened. We contacted Scott Morris for legal advice. We “plus” everything for me. Of all the good treatments I needed to heal, worry-free treatment, it” more We are excited to announce our new web series where various Nevada legal employees will host video and audio content to learn about important news, changes in legal restrictions, and more. Our roadmap for this particular series includes many ways to listen and see. There are a number of organizations throughout Nevada where you may be able to get free legal assistance or low-cost legal aid. Our team of knowledgeable legal experts and pro bono professionals provide personal support to help individuals and families make the most of and use all available legal resources.

We recognize that many Nevada residents face disadvantage and financial hardship when it comes to finding legal aid. For those who are not eligible for legal aid, you can use the Nevada State Bar Lawyer Referral Service. “We called various lawyers for advice and/or instructions on what to do for a legal situation, and Mike Lee did everything possible for me. There were so many lawyers who didn`t call me back or didn`t even listen to my situation, but not Mike Lee. He was approachable and really showed that he cared even though I wasn`t a real customer. I am so grateful for the time he took to help me via email. Honestly, I wish there were more lawyers like him. “In an hour, whatever you want in any legal matter.

It is evident that in the top 10 “more Nevada Legal Services offers free legal resources to low-income families, women, minorities, the disabled, and others in need across the state. We offer a variety of legal assistance to ensure Nevadans are not denied the right to fair justice. Fill out the online registration form below to see if you qualify for our free legal services. The information is confidential. Let us give you the help you need now. For those who have experienced the death of a loved one and want to speak to a lawyer and get legal advice on probate matters, the Southern Nevada Legal Aid Center offers lawyers for unrepresented individuals in an estate case. “Always a great legal group. This last legal case I went through can be time-consuming” more 412 West John Street, Suite C Carson City, Nevada 89703 Phone: 775.883.8278 Website: (Reno Office) 204 Marsh Avenue Ste. Ste. 101 Reno NV 89509 775.284.3491 ext. 218 Programs that provide mental health resources, including counselling, crisis hotlines, medication support, testing and services for youth.

You can sign up for counseling at the Regional Justice Center`s Civil Law Self-Help Center at 200 Lewis Ave in downtown Las Vegas. Space is limited and consultations are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you can`t afford to pay for a lawyer, LRIS may try to prequalify you for a discounted price. If you qualify, the lawyer may charge you no more than $25 for the initial consultation and $75 per hour for future work if you hire the lawyer. Southern Nevada Senior Law Program 7650 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89117 Phone: 702.229.6596 Website: Southern Nevada Senior Law Program A LRIS member attorney cannot charge more than $45 for an initial consultation. If you hire the lawyer after the first consultation, the lawyer will negotiate the fees with you. This program is offered by the Family Support Division of the District Attorney.

It is for anyone who has questions about finding, collecting or paying child support. If you are involved in a small claims case or are considering suing someone in a small claims lawsuit, pro bono attorneys are available at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada`s pro bono project.