1924 — The headquarters moves to Hartford City, Indiana, where Johnson works to continuously improve its upper door: new hinges, rollers, a duct rail and a patented wedge lock system to create a weatherproof seal. As a member of Overhead Door Corporation, the Genie® brand remains one of the most well-known and trusted garage door opener brands in America. Innovations such as Genie® Aladdin Connect® and BenchSentry® Smart Delivery Lock Box continue to offer secure and convenient solutions that provide our customers with security and compatibility with all smart home ecosystems. Our customer focus has led to the success of The Genie Company and will continue to do so! www.geniecompany.com/ With Portland`s Overhead Door Company, you`ll partner with and support a long-standing local business. In 1982, Jim Stumpf became owner and president and was thrilled to be part of the Overhead Door family. In the eighties, Jim`s team was only six or seven people, but it grew rapidly. The team now has 40 employees, many of whom are qualified technicians and many have been with the company for decades. The team currently includes two children from Jim (and his wife Sandy)! Today, Overhead Door Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is recognized as a leading manufacturer of integrated doors and operating systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications from a single source. The company`s full product line includes garage doors and actuators for residential buildings, commercial operators, sectional doors and rolling service doors for commercial and industrial applications; high-speed traffic barriers; Security grilles and closures for a variety of commercial and retail applications. 1989 — It seems Dallas has undertaken too many businesses in recent years.

The company was privatized again and the name returned to Overhead Door Company to emphasize again the emphasis on garage doors. It also helps companies take advantage of the widely recognized name. Horton Automatics™ serves the commercial and industrial market with a variety of automatic entry systems. Based in Corpus Christi, Horton Automatics has been designing, manufacturing and selling automatic doors since 1960, when they developed the first automatic sliding door in America. Clients include restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, hotels, casinos, office buildings, convenience stores, food retailers, and government buildings, to name a few. www.HortonDoors.com www.FlexbyHorton.com 1921 — The Overhead Door Company is founded in Detroit, Michigan. Johnson and Detroit attorney Forest McKee founded the company. Dallas made a significant acquisition during this period and purchased W.B., based in Hudson, New York.

McQuire Company in 1987, a move that added loading dock doors and other loading dock equipment, including mechanical or hydraulic levelers, seals or shelters, and truck safety restraint systems. However, the entry into the loading dock was one of Dallas` few successes in diversifying. In late 1988, the company decided to refocus on the garage door business and took steps to sell four units that produce parquet and other residential products. In 1989, the company was privatized when a management team, in collaboration with New York-based investment firm Bessemer Capital Partners, arranged a $180 million leveraged buyout. As part of a succession plan, there was also a change in direction. The company`s CEO, Robert C. Haugh, who held the position for 23 years, resigned in favor of Brian J. Bolton, who had worked for the company from 1973 to 1979, left the company to become president and chief operating officer of Aircondex, Inc., where he worked in air conditioning and refrigeration. In 1987, he returned to Dallas Corporation as chief operating officer and director, preparing to succeed Haugh. Under Bolton, the company dropped the Dallas name and returned to Overhead Door. TODCO is a global leader in innovation and manufacturing of a complete range of roller doors, swing doors, roller shutter doors and step ramps for all body and trailer sizes and models.

TODCO was founded in 1957 and manufactures and sells upward swing doors for trucks and transport vehicles. TODCO is headquartered in Marion, Ohio and serves customers from plants in Marion, Ohio and Tecate, Mexico. www.todco.com/ When Overhead Door entered the 2000s, it clearly had global ambitions. The company already has a strong market share in the United States and Japan and secured a position in Europe in 2003 with the acquisition of the Novoferm Group, the second largest manufacturer of doors and roller shutters in Europe. Despite the lack of information, there was every reason to believe that Overhead Door was doing well under Japanese ownership and was poised for even greater growth in the coming years.