Those who accuse him of his intention towards our women are the yoke of his forsaken men. William Shakespeare. Xerxes, to enjoy the freedom of Greece, made the bridge via Hellespont. John Milton. a frame or room that resembles a yoke, as in usage or form These are the arms with which it forces your rebellious necks to annihilate your cities. William Shakespeare. Turkey has no ambitions in northeast Syria other than to neutralize a long-standing threat to Turkish citizens and free the local population from the yoke of armed thugs. two animals in the yoke; A few; A couple working together a wooden frame attached to a person`s shoulders, around buckets, etc. suspended on each side; like, a couple of milkmaids, a pair, a couple, a duo, a dyad, a duadnoun A yoke is a wooden beam usually used between a pair of oxen or other animals so that they can pull on a load when working in pairs, as oxen normally do; Some fetuses are adapted to each animal. There are different types of yoke that are used in different cultures and for different types of oxen. A pair of oxen can be called an ox yoke, and the yoke is also a verb, as in “a pair of oxen under yoke.” Other animals that can be placed under the yoke are horses, mules, donkeys and water buffaloes. Remove this yoke of marriage of the two of us, where two are forced to withdraw even if neither loves. Dried.

Bring a red heifer, in which there is no spot and on which the yoke never came. Stunned. XIX. 2. A stranglehold on the hand. Their bankroll is your spade, a chokehold is a yoke – Big L (Ebonics)Throw them into the yoke, boom!, then I`ll knock them down – Big Punisher (Warning) In the meantime, President Biden must exert influence over Russia by rescinding his misguided restrictions on oil and gas production and possibly sanctioning oil and gas produced in Russia. If President Biden isn`t even willing to resist the yoke of left-wing climate alarmists, I don`t see why Russia would ever take him seriously. Yōk, N. What connects: the wooden frame that connects the oxen to contract: any similar frame, such as the one for transporting buckets: (prov.) a chain of hills: a stretch of work, for example from mealtime to mealtime: a sign of servitude: slavery: a couple or a couple. – Put a yoke V.T.: unite: enslave. to follow.

— N.S. Yoke′-dev′il (Shak.), a devil who accompanies him; Yoke′-fell′ow, -mate, a companion: a buddy or comrade. Cheekbones, pair-shaped. Yōk′ing, as much work as there is work in one piece. [A.S. geoc, iuc, ioc; German yoke; L. jugum, Gr. zygon.] the amount of land ploughed by one yoke of ox in a day People do not marry; But rather a permissive bachelor`s life than being put under the yoke in marriage. Francis Bacon. His land is cultivated by a hundred yokes of oxen. John Dryden, Æn. The words and promises that adjoin the conqueror are quickly broken.

Hudibras. Do not look in Latin American groups for yokeOur beautiful Lavinia. Knowledge is like an egg, and revelation is the yoke of an egg, until the egg is cracked and the egg white is spilled, the revelation of knowledge remains unknown and leads to no result. Middle English Yok, from Old English geoc; similar to Old High German joh yoke, Latin jugum, Greek zygon, Sanskrit yuga, younger Latin to conclude Fantastic tyrant of the heart in love. How hard your yoke is, how cruel your arrow is. Those who reject your influence escape your wrath, and those who obey the most are punished. part of the working day; work as two yokes, that is, work both parts of the day or morning and afternoon A yoke of mules comes out of a yoke of ox when brought to work at the same time; Because mules are faster. William Broome. put on a yoke; to join or with a yoke; Regarding the yoke oxen or pair of oxen An older term for Poka Yoke.

The real meaning is to deceive the evidence. A one-year-old ox in your name will smoke, untamed, without being aware of the yoke. Alexander Pope. “under the yoke of a tyrant”; “They have thrown the yoke of rule” Our country sinks under the yoke, it weeps, it bleeds. William Shakespeare, Macbeth. Life is not easy. And everyone has their own yoke, suffering and pain. Do not think that you alone have the hardest life on this earth. In the iron chains you will be; And a yoke lighter than the one you put on me. John Dryden, Aurengz. Cassius, you are harnessed with a lamb that carries wrath as flint carries fire. William Shakespeare, Jul.

Caesar. Etymology: [OE. yok, oc, AS. geoc; related to D. juk, OHG. joh, G. joch, Icel. & Sw. ok, Dan.

aag, Goth. JUK, LITH. Jungas, russ. igo, L. jugum, Gr. zy`gon, Skr. yuga, and connect to L. jungere, Gr. , Skr. yui. 109, 280.

Join, Jogs, Joust, Jugular, Subjugate, Syzygy, Yuga, Zeugma.] a ribbon in the shape of a bride or hips and connected to the upper edge of the waist or skirt Four milk-white bulls, the Thracian usage of yesteryear, were harnessed to pull his polished golden chariot. Dryden. Etymology: yeoc, saxophone, Dutch; jugum, lat. joug, Fr. A fitting that is mounted above the rudder head and a line is attached to each end with which a boat can be piloted. In modern use, it is mainly found in sailing canoes and kayaks. In an electromagnet, the piece of iron that connects the ends furthest from the poles of the two parts of the core on which the wire is wound.