I don`t think secret purposes have statistical requirements afaik The first statistic is the statistic needed for the first choice, the second statistic is the statistic needed for the second choice. And remember: While you may want to succeed in seeing these great endings and their gorgeous Polaroids, are the failures of these events fun too? When Zoe has a more physical and humanoid appearance, she appears as a cephalopod-like monster with two large blank eyes, with her “hair” actually a twisted mass of tendrils with a large green eye in it. She also has another green eye on her chest and a mouth on her left arm, while her right arm is a tentacle. Secret purposes do not seem to have statistical requirements. You just need to successfully perform the required events. In truth, Zoe harbors a sense of isolation, because when she revealed herself to be a totem, she explained that she had never received compliments in her life, and even the act of blushing was weird for her. I went out with her for a short match where I focused on maximizing creativity and fun. Despite what others say, charm was one of my lowest values, so IDK This guide provides the minimum stats characters need to go to the prom with you. Aside from the overall stat requirement, Scott seems to only care about your heart points, which are invisible and hard to track. Statistics are creativity, charm and fun, with creativity being the most important. I don`t know what level they should be at, I did it successfully the first time, but I didn`t really pay attention to the statistics.

I was too distracted as I watched my wonderful fanfiction goddess. Each character will decline your prom invitation if your total score (sum of all statistics) does not meet the following criteria: During the quiz through two different questions, you choose two of your classmates to start the romance. Here are the answers you should give to get started with Zoe. Zoe is available as an alternate yellow colored playable character in the DLC for purchase for Monster Camp. Zoe, formerly known as Z`Gord, ruler of the Dark Kingdoms, is an elderly deity who appears in some secret endings of Monster Prom. After being fired, she can either cause chaos or, after being introduced to high school miracles, decide to become a high school student. Zoe Biographical Information Full name Zoe (current)Z`Gord, ruler of the Dark Realms (formerly) Age older than time Gender Female (transgender)[1] (current)Agender[1] (formerly) Pronoun She/She (current)He[1] (formerly) Physical appearance Type of monster Eldritch DeityAlso Known As:Eldritch HorrorEldritch Cutie Purple hair (tentacles) Green eyes (Iris and Sclera) Other voice actors Casey Mongillo Creativity must be 12 years old and I I am confident. Fat can also be a 1 and silver can be a 1. Noon scenarios with Zoé.

Lunch gives +3 hearts, so it doesn`t hurt to make sure Zoe loves you. Zoe first appears (as Z`Gord) in two different secret endings in Monster Prom. Later, she became a main lover in the Monster Prom: Second Term DLC. I second charm as secondary, seems to work for me “Zoe (4 .. ever?). An Eldritch sweetness that has gone from the endless deity of the dark realms to the ultimate fangirl. » Zoe`s transition 1. Smarts vs Fun 2. Smarts vs Creativity 3.

Charm vs Fun 4. Invite Zoe to prom. Originally, Zoe lived through many eons believing that she was destined to destroy the world and tear reality apart. I had a steady ending for Zoe in a long game with 24 creativity, 19 intelligences and only 12 charms, so I`m not sure, so is it just creativity? Because Smarts is not, so it`s either great creativity, weak charm, or just great creativity. Or I think it could be like Vera, something like 15 Creativity/11 Charm/10 Smarts or something like that. It`s certainly creative first and foremost and secondarily I`m pretty sure of its charm, but it can also be fun Short Multiplayer: 43+ Regular Multiplayer: 52+ Short Single: 50+ Regular Single: 72+ Their true form resembles a terrible Eldritch horror mass, with multiple green eyes, tendrils and arms. She also has a massive throat at the tip with a whip-shaped tongue. The totem of the power of Z`Gord, ruler of the dark realms Calculesters Virtual Reality 1. Fun vs creativity 2.

Creativity vs intelligence 3. Smarts vs Creative 4. Invite Calculester to the prom. Zoe loves fandoms, weird and what she thinks is the ultimate ship, Naruto x Garfield. Ninja Edit: If you did, please don`t mess up what it was, I want to get them all organic myself. 1. Charm vs creativity 2. Fun vs creativity 3.

Creativity vs fun 4. Invite Zoe to prom. Regular multiplayer SMARTS: 12+ CHARM: 9+ SILVER: 8+. She doesn`t like fanatics, stupid cultists and imprisonment in a totem pole. [2] I have what I think is the secret ending for Zoe, and I had 2 creativity (curse you, bad gift), 12 charms, and a 10 in everything else. Sorry it`s not accurate! I do it and I play two games a day. Want to know what it takes to pull off all those fantastic secret endings? We`re here for you! The Monster Prom: Second Term DLC adds them as a new main love interest. She was added as a playable Yellow DLC character for Monster Camp and appears as NPC, Hitch Hiker, and playable DLC character in Monster Roadtrip.

She will also be the yellow playable character in Monster Prom: REVERSE. Calculester and the meaning of life 1. Charm v. Bold 2. Creativity v. Charm 3. Charm v. Smarts 4.

Ask Calculester to go to prom. “This section is more for complements who have already enjoyed the game. Don`t read further if you don`t want to be spoiled by the game possibilities and secrets! The endings in this section are triggered randomly when you follow the corresponding character. In her first appearance, Zoe is contained in a mysterious totem pole available in the store. Over time, Zoe seems to have abandoned her goal and instead took the form of a high school girl and simply living a life of entertainment. She is incredibly curious, often asking different questions of the rest of the cast and expressing her love for “obsessive online searching.” .